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TONGUE ; an organ found in most animals, and serving in many as the organ of taste (q. v.); in all for taking in food. We are not justified in considering the tongue as an organ of taste in all animals ; and Blumenbach thinks that it serves this purpose in very few genera of birds. See his Manual of Comparative Anatomy, 2d Engl edit, by W. Coulson (London, 1827). The human tongue is a soft, fleshy viscus, very movable in every direction, situated interiorly in the cavity of the mouth, and constituting the organ of taste. It is composed of muscular fibres, covered by a nervous membrane, on which are a great number of nervous papillce, particularly at the point and sides, the rete mucosum and epidermis. The use of this organ is for chewing, swallowing, sucking and tasting.