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TECHNICAL (from rexyvt art) signifies, in genera], that which belongs peculiarly to art, or to any branch of it in particular. A technical term is an expression peculiar to an art or profession. In the fine arts, the technical is,contradistinguished to the (Bsthetical, comprising every thing relating to the material execution of works of nrt. TECHNOLOGY (from re^, art, and ^oyos, word, science) is the science which treats of the arts, particularly the mechanical. Technology may be divided into two kinds, a higher and lower, of which the latter treats of the various arts themselves, and their principles, their origin, history, improvement, &c; the former, of the connexion of the arts and trades with the political condition of a nation, and the important influence which they have exercised ever since the mechanical occupations have come to honor; i. e. since the growth of free cities in the middle ages.