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SUBJECT, in philosophy. (See Object) In ethics, subject often designates a free agent, in contradistinction to things inanimate. In music, the theme of a fugue is called subject. In politics, all the people who owe allegiance to a monarch, have been heretofore called the monarch's subjects, even when his authority rested on a contract with the people, and his power was limited. But the French seem unwilling to allow this name to be applied to them since the revolution of 1830. The use of the word in this application, by the minister Montalivet, in the session of January 4, 1832, caused much excitement in the chamber of deputies, and ministers have since avoided it. Those persons who are under the sway of a republic, without participating in all the rights of those in whom the sovereignty rests, are also called subjects. Thus Hamburg calls the inhabitants of Ritzebiittel subjects.