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SOVEREIGN ; an English coin. (See Coins.) Soy; a darkcolored sauce, preparedby the Chinese from the seeds of a sort of bean (dolichos soja). The plant has an upright and hairy stem, erect bunches of flowers, and pendulous, bristly pods, each containing about two seeds. The common story that soy is made from cockroaches or beetles, has probably originated from the form and color of these seeds. The process of preparing soy consists in boiling the seeds until they become soft, and mixing with them an equal weight of wheat or barley meal, coarsely ground. This mixture is fermented, and, a certain proportion of salt and water being added, the whole is allowed to stand for two or three months, care being taken to stir it daily: at the eA\d of this time it is ready for use. The seeds are, besides, employed in China and Japan as food: they are made into a kind of jelly or curd, which is esteemed very nutritious, and is rendered palatable by seasoning of different kinds. In Japan, they are put into soups, and are the most common dish of the country, being frequently eaten three times a day. Boy is chiefly imported horn China and Japan, and that from the latter country is the most highly esteemed. The quantity annually sold in England, at the East India company's sales, is from 800 to.2000 gallons.