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SOUND. (See Acoustics, and Ear.) SOUND (properly 'Oresound, or Oeresoimd)) the strait between the Danish island of Zealand and the Swedish province of Schonen, which forms the usual passage from the North sea into the Baltic. The narrowest part, at Elsinore, is about 2£ miles wide, and is commanded by the Danish fortress of Cronburg on Zeeland. The crown of Denmark has, from time immemorial, commanded not only the passage through the sound, but also through the two other straits connecting the North sea and the Baltic, the Great and Little Belt, and imposes a toll upon all vessels passing in and out, which is paid at Elsinore. French, English, Dutch and Swedish vessels pay one per cent, on the value of their cargoes ; those of other nations, and even Danish vessels, pay lj per cent. The Dutch ships are only required to show their papers; other ships must submit to a search. The annual amount of this toll is about $600,000. The number of ships, up and down, in 1827, was 13,016; of which 5199 were English.