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SENEGAMBIA ; the name applied to an extensive region on the western coast of Africa, lying chiefly between the Senegal and Gambia, in which are included many kingdoms and states. Among the principal nations are the Foulahs (q. v.), the JalofFs or Yaloffs, and the Man din goes, (q. v.)Upper Senegambia, to the north of the Senegal, is inhabited by Moors, who carry on an extensive trade in gum with Europeans.Middle Senegambia, between the Senegal and the Gambia, is inhabited by the negro tribes above mentioned, who practise agriculture, and have some manufactures. The soil is fruitful, and produces grain of all sorts,fme fruits, cotton, indigo, tobacco, pepper, &c. Elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, antelopes, and various other wild animals, are found here.Lower Senegambia, to tha south of the Gambia, has a similar soil, climate, and productions.