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SENEGAL ; a river of Africa, the largest that flows into the sea on the western coast. It rises in a mountainous country, about Ion. 7° W., lat. 11° 50' N., about eighty miles west of the source of the Niger, and not much farther distant from the sources of the Gambia. It flows into the Atlantic in lat. 16° 5' N., having a bar at its mouth, which prevents ships of 500 tons from entering the river. The country through which the river flows, from the coast to about sixty miles above Gallam, is a level. Above Gallam, the country becomes mountainous and broken, intersected with numerous streams, the sands of which are impregnated with gold dust. Sixty miles above Gallam is the cataract of Flau, which forms the limit of European navigation; and about forty higher is that of Govinea. A great abundance of fish, with crocodiles and hippopotamuses, are found in the river.The government of Senegal is the French settlement at the mouth of the Senegal, formed in the reign of Louis XIV. The principal article of commerce is gum, called gum Senegal, superior to the gum Arabic, (q. v.) The quantity purchased by the French, from 1785 to 1787, amounted to 800,000 pounds. Besides gum, there were exported from the Senegal, in 1786, 2200 slaves, valued at 2,440,000 livres ; gold, valued at 90,000 livres; ivory, &c, 130,000 livres. St. Louis is the capital of tlie settlement. The great gum fair is on a barren, desolate spot on the rive^;, about thirty leagues above St. Louis.