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PROROGATION, in England; the continuance of parliament from one session to another, as adjournment is a continuance of the session from one day to another, or for a longer period. Prorogation determines the session; but adjournment,though for a fortnight, month, &c, does not. After a prorogation, any bill which has previously passed both houses, or either house, without receiving the royal sanction, or the concurrence of the other house, must be taken up de novo. Parliament is prorogued by the royal authority, either by the lord chancellor, at the king's command, or by proclamation. In France, the king also prorogues [proroge] the chambers (art. 42 of the charter of August, 1830). In the U. States, the term adjournment is used both for prorogation and adjournment, properly speaking. Congress is adjourned (prorogued) by the concurrent vote of the two houses; but, in case of their disagreement, the president is au thorized by the constitution to adjourn them.