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PRICE, Richard; a dissenting minister, distinguished as a mathematician and statistical writer. He was born at Llangunnor, in Glamorganshire, hi 1723, and was educated at Talgarth, in his native county, whence, he removed to a Presbyterian academy in London, and. became pastor of a nonconformist congregation, of Arian or semiArian principles,at Hackney,where he continued as lbng as he lived. He commenced his literary career in 1758 by his Review of the prmcipal Difficulties in Morals (8vo.), which was followed by Four dissertations on the Importance of Christianity, the Nature of Historical Evidence, and Miracles, &c. (1767, 8vo.). In 1769, he received the diploma of D. D. from the university of Glasgow. In 1771 appeared his Observations on Reversionary Payments and Annuities (8vo.), which established his character as a mathematical calculator. He next published an Appeal to the Public on the Subject of the National Debt; and, during the contest with the North American colonies, advocaied their cause in Observations on Civil Liberty (1776, 8vo.), Additional Observations, and a Supplement. These tracts provoked the animadversions of a number of writers on the opposite side of the ques tion, and exposed him to some obloquy; but they also procured him a vote of thanks from the corporation of London, presented in a gold box. He engaged in an epistolary correspondence with his friend doctor Joseph Priestley on the subjects of materialism and necessity, the substance of which was laid before the public in an octavo volume, hi 1778. When Pitt became primeminister, he consulted doctor Price, in his schemes for the reduction of the national debt; and the establishment of the sinking fund was the result *of his recommendation. (See Sinking Fund.) At the commencement of the French revolution, in a sermon (published in 1789) On the Love of Country, he warmly expressed his delight at the emancipation of the French people. This discourse produced Burke's Reflections, hi which doctor Price was severely treated. He died April 19, 1791. Besides many papers in the Transactions of the Royal Society, of which he was a fellow, he published Sermons on the Christian Doctrine, as received by the different Denominations of Christians (8vo.), and several single sermons and political pamphlets.