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NORTH; a department of France. (See Department.) NORTH, Francis, baron Guildford, lord keeper of the great seal under Charles II forces. At length, in 1767, he became and Jame&II, was born about 1640, and chancellor of the exchequer, and, in 1770, became a student of St. John's college, first lord of the treasury. His administra Canibrid'ge, after which he entered at the tion lasted till 1782, during a period of Middle Temple, and was regularly called peculiar difficulty and danger. Havingto the bar.' He gradually made his way accepted of office at a time when theto the first dignities of his profession, rath court party had become unpopular, oner by his prudence and dexterity than by: account of therseeret influence supposed extraordinary talents. He was made so to be possessed by lord Bute, something licitorgeneral in 1671, when he received of that unpopularity attached to the whole the honor of knighthood; in, 1673, he was* course of lord North's ministry. But, this made attorneygeneral ; the next yeaiy was greatly augmented by the contest chiefjustice of the commonpleas; and, with the North American colonies, whichin 1683, lord keeper, when he was raised eflded in the loss of that part of the Britto the peerage. He died in 1685. Be ish empire, after the expenditure of a vast sides some papers in the Philosophical deal of the national wealth, and the sacri Ti'ansactions, lord Guildford was the au fice of multitudes of lives. For this dis thor of a Philosophical Essay on Music, astrous measure of subjugating America, which contributed to the improvement of the premier appears to have been a sin the art.^2. Sir Dudley North, brother of cere advocate; and, in defending his pro the lord keeper engaged in commercial ceedings against the attacks of Mr. Fox pursuits, and became an eminent Turkey, and his party, in parliament, he evinced a merchant He was afterwards one of the degree of political skill and resolution lords of the treasury in the reign of which would have done honor to a better Charles II. He wrbte Observations on cause. After his dismission from office, the Manners, Customs, and Jurisprudence a league was formed between his lordshipof the Turks. He died in 1691.3. Doc and the Whigs, which led to the famous tor John North, another brother, was born coalition ministry; but this heterogeneousin 1645, and educated at Jesus college, administration lasted only a few months, Cambridge,, where he obtained a fellow after which lord North held no responsible ship. In 1672, he wjas chosen professor station in the state. He succeeded to theof Greek, arid the following year he was earldom of Guildford in 1790, on the death created D. D. Doctor North was an ad of his father, and died in 1792. Lord mirer of Plato, a selection of whose dia North was much esteemed in private life, logues, including Crito, Phsedo, with the and was distinguished for urbanity of man Apologia Socratis, he published in Greek ners, and a turn for repartee. He was and Latin (1673, 8vo.). His death took afflicted with blindness several years be place in 1683.4. Roger North, a young fore his death, and his political antagonist,er brother of the same family, attor colonel Barre, was subject to the same neygeneral under James II, principally misfortune. Replying to some observa jmerits notice as the historian of his family, tions of the colonel, in the house of com His life of the lord keeper (lord Guildford, mons, lord North said, "Notwithstanding 1734, 4to.) was reprinted in 1808 (2 vols., the hostility which the honorable gentle 8vo.) ; and his lives of sir Dudley and man opposite has shown towards me, yet doctor* John North (1744, 4to.) appeared I am certain that there are no two personsiii a new edition with the preceding (3 in the world who would be more happy vols., 8vo., 1826). to see each other."