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NEW YORK. i 1821. VERMONT. 1793. CONNECTICUT. 1818. 1 RHODE ISLAND. Charter of Charles II. 1663. Date of Constitution. Senate of 32, one fourth annually ; and assembly of 128, annually. General assembly, or house of representatives, annually. General assembly, annually ; J senate of 12, and house of representatives. General assembly ; council of 12, including governor and deputygovernor, and house of representatives. i JV*arae land Term of Office. First Tuesday in January. Second Thursday of October. First Wednesday of May. ¦First Wednesday of May and last Wednesday of October. Time of £ stated Q II Meeting: ~ IIt* 1 Senators must be freeholders. Two years' state and one years' township residence. Citizenship; freehold, and six months' residence; or a year's performance of militia duty; or paying a tax. Blacks excluded. >C Qualified^ 1 tions. . IIIn proportion to population. By towns. Senate by general ticket; representatives by towns. ¦Ajrpor II tionment. ||By the people ; biennially. By the people; annually. By the people; annually. By the people. Election ;} I] Term of | Office. ] Being a native citizen, a freeholder ; age 30; 5 years' residence. Four years' residence. An elector; age 30 years. Qualified || tions. (I Qualified negative; official patronage, with consent of senate; pardoning power, except in cases of treason, which he can reprieve till end of next session of legislature. See Executive Council, Qualified negative, with power to reprieve till end of next session of legislature. A vote in the council; but no negative on acts of both houses. Powers. o 1X 1 W |^ 1 Lieutenantgovernor, who is, ex officio, president of senate. Lieutenantgovernor. Lieutenantgovernor, who is, ex officio, president of senate. Deputygovernor. ......H II Successor mi <* 1 Death, Jib M 1 saict,tfc. .11 None. The executive council consists of the governor, lieutenantgovernor, and 12 counsellors, elected annually by the people. It is possessed of all powers usually vested in a governor; and all legislative powers, except that of originating bills and pardoning: but they reprieve till the end of next session of assembly. None, i COUNCIL; II Number; Election ; Qualified II tions; 1 Powers. 1By governor, by consent of senate ; during good behavior till 60. Justices of peace, 4 years. Senate, chancellor, and supreme judges, a court for trial of impeachments and correction of errors. By legislature and executive council, annually. Executive council, justices of peace for whole state ex officio. By general assembly; supreme and superior courts during good behavior till 70; all others annually. Annually elected by tne legislature, j ,JUDICIARYt? g ©"By two thirds of the assembly and majority of senate, by joint resolution. By impeachment; by governor, on address of two thirds of the legislature. Rhode Island has no written constitution, being still governed! by the original charter granted by king Charles II of Great Britain. (See the article Rhode Island.)> *S II Mow re 1 movable. II Citizenship; residence 1 year in the state : 6 months in the county immediately before election. People of color, freehold of $250, tax thereon paid, 1 year's citizenship, and one year's residence immediately before election. i One year's residence. Same as Qualifications of Legislature, which see. Qualifica i] tions of Vo\\ ters. ||In October or November, as may be provided by law. 1 First Tuesday in September. In April. Day of GenII eral Election.]] Amendments may be proposed to the people if passed by a majority at one session of the legislature, and by two thirds at the succeeding session The council of censors, who are elected septennially for the purpose of inquiring into violations of the constitution, &c, may call a convention. Amendments may be proposed by a majority of house of representatives, on which the sense of the people shall be taken, if ratified next session by both houses. Provision j for amending]] Constitution j