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NATOLIA, or ANATOLIA, or ANADOLI ; a province of Asiatic Turkey, bounded N. by the Black sea, E. by Armenia and Syria, S. by the Mediterranean, and W. by the Archipelago and the sea of Marmora ; about 650 miles long, from E. to W., and 400 broad, from N. to S.; square miles, 270,00(& population, 6,000,000. Within these limits are included not only Natolia Proper, but also Caramania, Roum, and Aladulia. The whole is divided, by the Turks, into six pachalics, viz. Natolia, Sivas, Trebisond, Konieh or Cogni, Marasch, and Adana. The capital of Natolia Proper is Kiutajah ; the principal seaport, Smyrna ; other principal towns are Bursa, Angora, Sinob, GuzelHisar, AphiomKarahisar and Ismid. It is divided into 17 sangiacats. Natolia was anciently called Asia Minor, which comprised ancient Bithynia, Paphlagonia, Galatia, Phrygia,Mysia,iEolia, Ionia, Lydia,Caria, Doris, Pysidia, Licia and Pamphylia. (See the articles.) The soil is in genera] fertile, producing corn, tobacco, and fruits of various kinds, cotton and silk; and, notwithstanding the indolence of the Turks, the commerce is considerable, particularly in carpets, leather, drugs, cotton, silk, and other articles of manufacture and produce. The greater part of the inhabitants are Mohammedans: but there are many Christians, principally of the Greek church, governed by patriarchs, archbishops and bishops, who; are tolerated by the Porte. There are, likewise, many Armenians, and some Roman Catholics. (See Ottoman Ernpire.)