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MORRISON, Robert, was sent to China, in 1816, by the English Bible society, for the purpose of acquiring the language of the Chinese, in order to make a correct translation of the Holy Scriptures into it; and he accompanied lord Amherst to Pekin. Canton or Macao was his usual place of abode, and he there filled the situation of Chinese translator to the East India company. He has published HorcR Sinicce, or Translations from the popular Literature of the Chinese ; a Grammar of the C hinese language; an AngloChinese Dictionary, in several parts ; and a complete version of the New Testament, in eight volumes. In 1820, he erected an AngloChinese college at Malacca, for instruction in English and Chinese literature, and for the propagation of Christianity. In 1826, he returned to England, bringing with him a collection of 10,000 Chinese books, with a store of information relative to the country.