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MINUTOLI, Henry, baron Menu von, was born at Geneva, of a Savoyard family, m 1772; entered the Prussian military service, and was, at a later period, tutor to prince Charles, son of the king. In 1820, he married the widow of baron Von Watzdorf. She accompanied him on his scientific expedition to Egypt, made under the royal patronage. He returned in 1822. A part of his collections was lost by shipwreck; the king of Prussia purchased the remainder for the new museum in Berlin, for about $15,000. Among his works are, Considerations on the Military Art (3d ed., 1816); On the Ancient Painting on Glass (in connexion with Klaproth); Journey to the Temple of Jupiter Amnion, in the Desert of Libya (Berlin, 1824); Additions to my Journey, &c. (1827); and Description of an old Heathen Burial Place, discovered at Stendal in 1826 (Berlin, 1828). The baroness has also published Souvenirs d'Egypte (Paris, 1826: English, London, 1827). The travellers arrived at Alexandria, from whence the baroness went to Cairo, while her husband visited Cyrene (q. v.), determined the position of the oracle of Jupiter Ammon, at Siwah (in 29° 12' N. lat.), and, after returning to Cairo, visited Thebes. The works above mentioned contain numerous engravings.