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LICHTENSTEIN, Martin Henry Charles; a linguist and natural philosopher, born at Hamburg, Jan. 10,1780. At the age of 22, he received from the Dutch general Janssen, who was appointed governor of the cape of Good Hope, the situation of mstructer and physician to his son. He arrived at the cape at the end of the year 1802, and spent seven months in exploring the interior of the colony. Upon the breaking out of the war, he received, in 1804, the post of surgeonmajor to a battalion of Hottentot light infantry, and, after a few expeditions, was named, in 1805, as one of a commission to visit the distant tribe of Bushwanas. Two months after his return, the colony was conquered by the English, and he returned to Europe with general Janssen, and to Germany in 1806. In 1810, he went to Berlin, and published there his Journal, of which the two first volumes appeared in 1811. In 1811, he also became a professor in the newly erected university. In 1819, he travelled through England, Holland, Switzerland and France; .studied their most celebrated scientific insntutions for natural history, and formed connexions which enabled him to augment, greatly, the museum of the university with which he was connected.