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LANDER, Richard ; the servant of captain Clapperton, whom he accompanied on his second expedition into the interior of Africa. He started from the Bight of Benin with his master, after whose death at Soccatoo (April 13, 1827), he returned to the coast. His Journal is published with Clapperton's. (See Clapperton.) In the spring of 1830, he set out, with his brother John, on an exploring expedition, and was landed at Badagry, March 25, whence he intended to proceed to lake Tchad. (See the articles Tchad, and Niger.) At the time of writing this (June, 1831), the newspapers have stated, that the two brothers arrived at Rio Janeiro from Fernando Po, in April last (1831), having in their possession the papers of Mungo Park. It is also further stated, that they had descended the Niger to a point where it had become 10 miles wide, and separated into several branches, the principal of which, according to the Landers, formed the river Nonn, which empties into the Bight of Benin. Here, however, the travellers, being captured by the Negroes, were unable to prosecute this route any further. If this statement is confirmed, we shall be able to give the results of their discoveries under the articles Niger, and Park.