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KNIGHT, Richard Payne; apation of learning and the fine arts, to the study and encouragement of which he devoted a great portion of his time and ample fortune. His father, from a dread lest his son's constitution should be impaired by the discipline of a public school, kept him at home till his 14th year ; but, on his decease, young Knight was placed at a large seminary, where he soon distinguished himself by his progress in classical literature, his favorite study. His splendid collection of ancient bronzes, medals, pictures and drawings in his museum at his house in Soho square, gave equal proofs of his taste and liberality. This collection he bequeathed, at his death, to the British museum. His principal writings are, Remains of the Worship of Priapus, lately existing in Naples, and its Connexion with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients (4to., 1786); an Analytical Essay on the Greek Alphabet (4to., 1791) ; Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste (8vo., 1805); and Prolegomena in Homerum, reprinted in the Classical Journal. He was also author of some poems. He died in 1824, aged 76.