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HERBERSTEIN, Sigismund, baron of, a distinguished politician and historiographer, was born in 1486, at Vippach, in Carniola. He studied law, but afterwards became a soldier, and fought against the Turks. The emperor of Germany intrusted him with important missions. In 1516, he was sent to Christian II, king of Denmark, to induce him to give up his fooiish and unhappy passion for Dyveke. (See Christian II) Soon after his return, he was sent to Russia, and, at a later period, to Constantinople. In fact, he travelled over almost all Europe. He was made privycounsellor and president of the college of finances. In 1553, he retired from public life, and died in 1566. His name has been handed down to posterity by a work which is still highly esteemedRerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii, quibus Russice ac Metropolis ejus Moscovice Descripiio, chorographicce Tabula Religionis Indication Modus excipiendi et tractandi Oratores, Itineraria in Moscoviam duo et alia qucedam conlinentur. It has been often published and translated. The writers on Russia call it the best of the early works on that country. An autobiography of Herberstein, to the year 1545, remained unpublished till 1805, when it appeared at Buda, in the collection of Kovachich. From this Adelung chiefly took his biography of Herberstein (Petersburg, 1818).