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HENRY (surnamed the Younger), duke of Brunswick ; born 1498 ; a man of an impetuous, restless and ambitious character, but of a manly mind, the declared enemy of the reformation. He was one of the combatants in the famous battle against the peasants (May 15, 1525.) His restless disposition led him to attack the city of Gosslar. With 1000 horsemen he aided Charles V in a wrar against Venice o but disease destroyed his troops almost entirely, and he hardly escaped the vigilance of his enemies. When the famous confederation of the Protestant princes at Smalkalden took place (1537), Henry was made chief commander of the Catholic forces. At Hockelem, he and his son were made prisoners. The battle at Miihiberg (1547), so fatal for the Protestants, delivered him from his imprisonment. He subsequently fought several battles; lost in one his two eldest sons, and died in 1568. Henry is also known in story through his love to Eva Trott, of whom a romantic tale is related, that Henry induced her to feign the appearance of death, after which a formal burial took place; but Eva herself was conveyed secretly to the castle of Staufenburg, where Henry lived with her, and had seven children by her. The spot is still shown where one of the brothers of Eva was killed when he came in search of her.