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HEGIRA (Hedschra); an Arabic word signifying flight. The Mohammedans designate, by this word, the flight of Mohammed, their prophet, from , Mecca to Yatreb (Medina), which latter place was, in consequence, called Medina al JVabi, that is, the City of the Prophet. From this flight, which they fix on the 16th of July, A. D. 622, they begin their computation of time. The reduction of the years of the Hegira to the corresponding period in the Christian computation, where strict accuracy is not required, may be performed as follows : Since the Mohammedan year is a lunar year of 354 days, 33 Mohammedan, years amount to about 32 Christian or tropical years. We must, therefore, subtract from the number of Mohammedan years, one for eveiy 33 years, and add thereto 622 years. Thus, for example, the year 1000 of the Mohammedan reckoning will correspond to the year 1593 of the Christian; and the year 1830 after Christ is equivalent to the year 1246 of the Hegira. (See Epoch, and Mr a.)