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HASTINGS ; an ancient borough and markettown of England, on the eastern <:xtremity of Sussex, famous for being the place near which William the Conqueroi landed in England, and for the battle of Hastings, fought in the neighborhood. It is now in great repute for seabathing. It is one of the Cinque Ports. Its situation is beautiful; and the environs also abound with picturesque scenery and delightful walks and rides. A walk, called the marine parade, has been formed on the west of the town. The public buildings are, two very ancient churches; the town hall, built in 1823, with the marketplace under it; the customhouse, and two excellent free schools. The remains of an ancient castle are still to be seen. Two miles from the town is the stone on which William is said to have dined when he landed here ; it is called the conqueror's sto7ie. Hastings sends two members to parliament. Population, 8000 ; 36 miles S. E. Tunbridge.