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GOVERNOR ; a contrivance for equalizing the motion of mills and machinery When any part of the machinery of a mill is suddenly stopped, or suddenly set agoing, and the moving power remains the same, an alteration in the velocity of the mill will take place ; and it will move faster or slower. Every machine having a certain velocity at which it will work to more advantage than at any other, the change of velocity arising from the foregoing cause, is in all cases a disadvantage, and in delicate operations exceedingly hurtful. In a cottonmill, for instance, which is calculated to move the spindles at a certain rate, if from any cause the velocity is increased, a loss of work immediately takes place, and an increase of waste from the breaking of threads, &c.; on the other hand* there must be an evident loss from the machinery moving slower than is necessary. Various contrivances are used for remedying this evil.