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GAMBIA, or GAMBRIA, or GAMBA (anciently StcuMr); a river in Western Africa, which rises from the mountains on the borders of Foota Jalloo, and flows westerly into the Atlantic, about Ion. 16° 3(y W., lat 13° 307 N. It is navigable to Barraconda, about 400 miles. In the higher part of its course, it is called by the natives Ba Deema. It annually overflows its banks. The territory along its banks is divided among a multitude of petty sovereignties, the most considerable of which is Boor Salum. The northern side is inhabited chiefly by the JalofFs and Mandingoes; the southern by the Feloops. The commerce of the Gambia is chiefly in the hands of the English, who have erected James Fort near its mouth, and formed the settlement of Bathurst.