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FOUNDER ; an artist who casts various forms, for different uses, bells, statues, printing characters, FOUNDLING; a child abandon parents, and found by strangers. infanticide was not punished ar ancient nations, yet natural feelii prompt parents rather to expose spring, and leave their fate to They usually selected places wh much frequented, where there greater chance of the child beiiIn Athens and Rome, they werein particular places. In the 4th the emperors Valentinian, Vale Gratian prohibited this cruel which is at present a crime byof all civilized nations. Even h times, the state made provisioi preservation of exposed child foundling hospitals are an instil modern times. The foundling h Paris was established in 1620, a 1807, had received 464,628 chik France, the number of founc 1784, was 40,000; in 1798, re 51,000, and, in 1822, 138,500. prize essay of Benoiston de Cha Considerations sur les Enfanti dans les Prindpaux Etats de 1824.) According to the aul "____i____ _/o J?______n?_____ i____o____ tahty in foundling hospitals, has bfen removed in a great degree by improvements in the regulation of these establishments, particularly by sending the children into the country to be nursed under proper superintendence.