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DARIEN ; a posttown of Georgia, capital of M'Intosh county, on the north and principal channel of the Alatamaha, near its entrance into St. Simon's sound, 12 miles from the bar, 62 S. S. W. Savannah, 185 S. E. Milledgeville; Ion. 81° 37' W.; lat. 31° 23' N.; population in 1827, according to Sherwood, only 500. It stands on a high, sandy bluff, and contains a courthouse, a jail, an academy, a Presbyterian meetinghouse, a bank and a printingoffice. It is a place of considerably trade in cotton. At the bar, there are bui14 feet of water, so that large vessels can next morning. Darius was, theiejfom. not come up to the town ; but the obstruc saluted king, and the nation approved the tions to the navigation are expected, before choice. His reign was marked by many long, to be removed, that Darien may be Important events. The city of Babylon accessible to large ships, and become the revolted, partly on account of burdensome emporium of the fertile country watered impositions of tribute, and partly becauseby the Oakrnulgee and Oconee, branches the royal residence, under Cyrus, had beenof the Alatamaba. transferred from thence to Susa. Darius