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CASHNA, or CASSINA, or KASSINA ; a city in Africa, capital of a kingdom, between Bornou and Timbuctoo; 220 miles W. N. W. Bornou, 690 E. S. E. Tim buctoo ; Ion. 11° 34' E. ; lat. 16° 30' N A large proportion of the country of Cashna consists of land of great fertility, interspersed with arid wastes. Cashna is level, and said to contain 1000 towns and villages. The monarch is called sultan of all Soudan, i. e. Negroland. The principal articles of traffic are senna, gold dust, slaves, cotton cloths, goat skins, ox and buffalo hides, and civet. Cashna has no salt lakes or mines, but is supplied with salt from Bornou.