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CARAMANIA ; an interior province of Asiatic Turkey, east of Natolia, comprising about 35,000 square miles. It is intersected by the Kisil Jermak, which, af* ter a course of about 350 miles, flows north into the Black sea. Caramania comprehends the ancient Pamphylia, and a great part of Cilicia, Pisidiaand Cappadocia Minor. Bajazet united it to the Ottoman empire in 1488. The inhabitants carry on some trade with camels' hair, goats' wool and opium. The population probably does not exceed from 150 to 200,000. Cogni, or Konich (lat. 38° 10' N., Ion. 32° 25' E., 308 miles east of Smyrna, and 150 north of the shore of the Mediterranean) is the capital. There is also a town of this province called Caramania.