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CAMPBELL, George, a distinguished Scotch divine, wras born at Aberdeen, in 1709. He was educated at Mareschal college, and afterwards articled to a writer of the signet at Edinburgh. In 1741, he relinquished the law, and studied divinity. In 1759, he was appointed principal of Mareschal college. In 1763, he published his celebrated Dissertation on Miracles, in answer to the Essay on Miracles of Mr. Hume. This Dissertation was translated into the French and Dutch languages. In 1771, C. was chosen professor of divinity, and, in 1776, gave to the world his Philosophy of Rhetoric, which established his reputation as an accurate grammarian, a sound critic and a tasteful scholar. He also published occasional sermons. The last work which he lived to publish, was his Translation of the Gospels, with Preliminary Dissertations and Notes (2 vols. 4to.) He died in 1796. Besides the works already mentioned, his Lectures on Systematic Theology and the Pastoral Character (folio) have been printed since his death ; as also his Lectures on the Ecclesiastical Character (2 vols. 8vo.), with his life prefixed.