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CAILLE, Rene; a French traveller, and the only European who has returned from Timbuctoo or TenBoctoo. In 1819, he accompanied major Gray in his exploring expedition, and, being on. the Senegal in 1824, determined to attempt to reach Timbuctoo and Jenna by his own exertions. Having adopted the Arabian dress, and embraced the religion of the country, he joined a caravan, and set out from Kakondi (Kokundi), April 19, 1827. He crossed the Joliba (Niger), and spent some time at Kankan, whence he travelled about 200 miles eastwardly, to Time. Leaving this place, where he was detained five months by sickness, Jan. 10, 1828, and taking a northerly direction, he again fell in with the Joliba, March 10, and, crossing an arm of that stream, arrived at Jenna. Having embarked, March 23, on the Niger, and passed, on hisway, the lake Delo (misplaced, on the maps, under the name of Dibble), he reached Timbuctoo April 20. Leaving this city May 4, he crossed the Great Desert, and reached Tafilet, July 23, whence he passed through Fez to Tangiers. Thus this intrepid young traveller, at the age of 28 years, has achieved alone, and by his own resources, what the exertions of powerful societies, the aid of governments, and the most devoted efforts of experienced travellers, had in vain attempted. This account is the substance of the report of a committee of the geographical society of Paris, by whom his accounts have been examined. The prize offered by that society to the first traveller who should reach Timbuctoo has been awarded to him; the king has bestowed on him the cross of the legion of honor, and 3000 francs, with a pension of 3000 francs for the years 1829 and 1830, to enable him to pursue the studies necessary to prepare him to renew his visit to those hitherto unknown regions.