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CABINET ; 1. a small apartment adjoining a larger one ; 2. the most retired part of. a private dwelling, designed for work, for amusement, or for collections of valuable articles. 3. In the abode of a prince, the cabinet is a room set apart for the ruler's particular use ; also, the apartment where he transacts government business, advises with his privy counsellors, and issues his decrees. Hence, in political language, the cabinet is put for the government; as the cabinet of London, of Vienna^ of the Tuileries, &c, 4. Finally, a cabinet is any part of a building, or one or more whole buildings, where are preserved valuable collections from the kingdoms of nature or art; as paintings, plants, animals, coins, minerals, and curiosities of every description ; and, by metonymy, the name is applied to the collections themselves. A work of art, and sometimes of nature, of uncommon beauty, and fitted from its size to be placed in a cabinet, is called a cabinetpiece. A cabinet painter is one who executes small highlyfinished pictures, suitable for cabinets.