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BUFFALO ; a posttown of New York, the capital of Erie county, situated at the eastern end of lake Erie, at the efflux of Niagara river, and at the west end of the Erie canal; 296 miles W. of Albany, 240 E. of Sandusky. Population in ]810, 1508; in 1820, 2095; in 1825, 5140. The village of B. is very advantageously and finely situated on a handsome plain, near the entrance of Buffalo creek or river into lake Erie, on the channel of communication between the Atlantic ocean and the lakes. It has been, for several years past, a veiy flourishing place, and has an extensive trade. In 1813, this village, which then contained about 100 houses, was burnt by the British, in retaliation for the burning of Newark, in Upper Canada, by the Americans. Black Rock is a considerable postvillage, within the township of B., two miles from the village of B. It is situated at the ferry across the Niagara river, which is here about three quarters of a mile wide.