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BOUTERWEK, Frederic, professor of moral philosophy at Gottingen, a man of much merit as an academical instructer and a writer on literature, was born April 15, 1766, at Oker, a village not far from ' Goslar, in North Germany. After applying himself to many departments of learning, jurisprudence, poetry, &c, he at last became entirely devoted to philosophy and literary history. He was at first a follower of Kant, but finally attached himself to Jacobi. His Idee einer Apodiktik was the immediate fruit of his intimate acquaintance with the philosophical views of Fr. H. Jacobi. This wrork was published in two volumes, 1799. It was afterwards completed by the Manual of Philosophical Knowledge (two volumes, 1813; 2d edition, 1820), and by the Religion of Reason (Gottingen, 1824). In this work, as well as in his Asthetik, two vols., 1806 and 1824, he had to contend with many powerful antagonists. B has gained a permanent reputation by his History of Modern Poetry and Eloquence, published 1801-1821, a work which, though unequal in some respects, and in parts, especially in the first volume, partial and superficial, is an excellent collection of notices and original observations, and may be considered one of the best works of the kind in German literature. Among his minor productions, a selection of which he published in 1818, are many essays, which are superior to the best of his larger speculative works; for instance, the introduction to the History, in which he gives an account of his literary labors until that period, with great candor, and with almost excessive severity against himself. B. died in 1828. His history of Spanish literature has been translated into Spanish, French and English.