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BANANA. The banana is a valuable plant (musa sapientium) which grows in the West Indies and other tropical countries, and has leaves about six feet in length and a foot broad in the middle, and fruit four or five inches long, and about the shape of the cucumber. When ripe, the banana is a very agreeable fruit, with a soft and luscious pulp, and is frequently introduced in desserts in the West Indies, but never eaten green, like the stitious dislike to cut this fruit across; they always slice it from end to end, because, in the former case, the section presents an imaginary resemblance to the instrument of our Savior's crucifixion. The banana is sometimes fried in slices as fritters. If the pulp of this fruit be squeezed through a fine sieve, it may be formed into small loaves, which, after having been properly dried, may be kept for a great length of time.