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About Agepedia

Agepedia is based on a year 1851 edition of Encyclopaedia Americana. We have tried to keep the text as unchanged as possible during the digitalization process. However, the result is not perfect so if you are looking for scientific accuracy, please view the orginal pages at the University of Michigan's Making of America site. There you will find the original pages of all the 14 volumes. Versions provided are JPG, PDF and (generally poorly recognized) ASCII text.

Known defects on Agepedia compared to original books

  • Some characters are recognized incorrectly. Sometimes eve entire word might have become unintelligible. This is usually easy to spot.
  • The tables show up incorrectly
  • On some articles there are couple of missing or incomplete sentences. This applies especially very long articles.
  • In some cases two articles might have been accidentally merged to one, especially if another one is very short. Fortunately this is usually easy to spot.

Copyright status of content

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Contact us

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to infogeneral{place_at_here}agepedia{place_dot_here}org . We apologize messy way to display email address; it is because of spammers. Just type @ and . to the places where they belong.

Due to high traffic of our site we cannot unfortunately answer every email.