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ARCHIPELAGO ; a corruption of Mgeopelago, the modem Greek pronunciation of Alyahv iKXayos, the JEgean sea. The term, however, is applied to any tract of sea abounding in small islands, and to the clusters of islands situated therein. The group to which the name is most generally given is that lying in the iEgean sea, between the coasts of ancient Greece and lsia Minor. According to their situation, ",ney are divided into the islands belonging to Europe and to Asia. The former lie together, almost in a circle, and for this reason have been called, by the Greeks, the Cyclades (q. v.); the latter, being farther from one another, the Sporades (q. v.) All these islands are in the government of the capudan pacha, to which, however, Candia, with the little islands lying about it, does not belong. (Compare with this article Hydra, JVegropont, Scio, Samos, Rhodes, Cyprus, &c.) Archipelago, Northern, extends between the coasts of Kamschatka and the west coast of America, and comprehends four clusters: 1, Sasignan, containing five islands; 2, Khoa, including eight islands; both these groups together are called the Aleutian islands (q. v.); 3, the AndreanoflTski Ostrova, comprising sixteen islands ; 4, the Lyssil or Fox islands, including, also, sixteen islands.Archipelago of Lazarus, near the coast of Malabar and Malacca.Archipelago of the Great Cyclades ; a cluster of islands in the South Pacific ocean, so named by Bougainville, and afterwards called the JYew Hebrides by Cook.Archipelago of the Philippines, containing the Philippines, Moluccas, Celebes, &c. Some call it, also, the Great A.Archipelago of the Recherche ; several groups of islands, rocks and shoals, on the south coast of New Holland, extending from between 34° to 34° 307 S. lat., and 121° 30' to 123° 207 E. Ion. The largest islands were named, by the French, Mondrain and Middle island. Many other A. might be mentioned.