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APOSTOLICAL; all that comes from the apostles, or has relation to them. Thus the apostolical writings are writings composed by the apostles. The earlier Christian church was called the apostolical church, because the apostles at first conducted it, and, after their death, their spirit remained in it. So, also, the papal see is called the apostolical see, because it is supposed to have been founded by the apostle Peter.The apostolical office, at Rome, is the name of the office which manages the papal revenues.The apostolical blessing is the blessing bestowed by the pope, as successor of Peter.¦ The king of Hungary is styled apostolical king, apostolical majesty. Pope Sylvester II bestowed this title on Stephen I, duke of Hungary, A. D. 1000, because he not only greatly promoted the Christian religion in Hungary, but, also, in imitation of the apostles, preached himself. Clement XIII renewed the memory of this occurrence, by giving the empressqueen Maria Theresa the title of apostolical queen, in 1758.The apostolical symbol is a short summary of the Christian faith, and bears this name because it contains, in three articles, the doctrines of the apostles. This apostolical symbol is found even in the writings of Ambrose, who lived in the beginning of the 4th century. Peter Gnapheus, in the 5th century, ordered the constant repetition of the same in the church service.